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Why is O negative blood so special

"Their blood cells can be given to anyone." LeeAnn Weitekamp is the Medical Director for MI Blood

3:49 PM, May 28, 2013

Grand Rapids Commission supports "new, hip" parking concept

City Commissioners Tuesday gave their blessings to what a developer called "a new, hip concept" that will combines a major new parking ramp with offices, stores and condominiums.

11:41 AM, Nov 27, 2007

Man says God told him to behead cat, stab self

Warren Martin Culver was found not guilty by reason of insanity back in 1997. He was released from a mental institution in 2009. Now, he's accused of beheading his cat and stabbing himself.

6:02 PM, Mar 28, 2013

WEIRD: Oklahoma chupacabra actually is a hairless raccoon

Can you name this animal?

12:46 PM, Mar 5, 2010

6-year-old boy dies after accident at Great Wolf Lodge

A 6-year-old boy from Livonia, Michigan died last night after an accident at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.

9:50 AM, Aug 21, 2008

Super Saver - Online Yard Sales

Whether you call them yard sales or garage sales, Spring is the season for them.  But a new trend in the practice is making them prominent year round. 

6:44 PM, Apr 12, 2012

Try It Before You Buy It: Worx GT 2.0 3-in-1 Trimmer and Edger

The WORX GT 2.0 is a 3-in-1 grass trimmer, edger, and mini mower all in one lithium powered lawn tool. For anyone who's lugged around extension cords or had to fire up a gas powered tool, the idea of a lithium powered trimmer and edger seems like a much more convenient idea.

7:10 AM, Aug 23, 2013

Ford Motor Company to add jobs as it focuses on electric vehicles

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Ford Motor Company will add jobs as it continues to focus on electric and high fuel efficiency vehicles.

6:30 AM, Jan 10, 2011

Made in Michigan: Howard Miller clocks

Zeeland-based Howard Miller has been making a timeless device for decades. 

7:52 PM, Feb 4, 2013

Lauren Stanton

Lauren Stanton joined WZZM 13 in the Spring of 2000.

12:54 PM, Apr 12, 2013

Battle Creek, Michigan the next big TV show?

Battle Creek, Michigan is a city known for its cereal is headed for prime-time television. The Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan fresh off his Emmy win has announced his next project will be a police crime drama called, Battle Creek, and take place in Battle Creek, Michigan.

8:01 PM, Sep 26, 2013

Infusing health care options: Demand for outpatient infusion therapy seems likely to rise - provide nurses a niche

With a push toward outpatient services and changes in medical coverage, demand for outpatient infusion therapy nurses is expected to rise.

10:02 AM, Aug 12, 2008

Aaron's Adventure: Jumping at the Sky Zone

Aaron travels to the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Kentwood.

8:19 AM, Mar 30, 2013

Man who killed Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Eric Zapata armed with multiple guns

The 31-year old man who shot and killed Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Eric Zapata was likely armed with more than one weapon; a hand gun and a long-gun.

5:27 PM, Apr 19, 2011

Student charged with drunk driving after deadly crash

A Wyoming Park High School student faces up to 15 years in prison after crashing a car - killing two of his fellow classmates.

11:32 AM, May 22, 2012

Grand Haven School Board member sentenced for stealing from fundraiser

A Grand Haven school board member says he received a "fair sentence" of two years of probation for stealing money from a school-sanctioned fundraiser.

3:09 PM, Mar 22, 2010

Lightning helps plants grow

This morning's rain will help green up lawns and trees.

4:41 PM, Apr 3, 2012

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Learn more about the Sky Zone indoor trampoline park.

11:30 AM, Jan 28, 2013

WZZM 13 Weather now an iPhone and Droid app

The most accurate weather forecast in West Michigan is now an app for your smartphone.

12:32 PM, Sep 20, 2010
Wind 6 mph N
Humidity 81%
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