See the final three of the ArtPrize Top Ten

7:32 PM, Oct 3, 2013   |    comments
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Video: ArtPrize Finalist - Porcelain Vine

Video: ArtPrize Finalist - Myth or Logic

  • Myth or Logic by Robin Protz
  • Myth or Logic by Robin Protz
  • Taking Flight by Michael Gard
  • Finding Beauty in Bad Things: Porcelain Vine by Fraser Smith
  • Finding Beauty in Bad Things: Porcelain Vine by Fraser Smith
  • Taking Flight by Michael Gard

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Before the winner of ArtPrize 2013 is announced on Friday, WZZM 13 continues its artist series taking a closer look at the top ten entries.

"Myth or Logic" by Robin Protz is a hanging griffin sculpture made out bamboo, located in the Amway Grand Hotel.

"It took six months, ten to twelve hours a day of labor and [I had] no air-conditioning," says Protz. "It shows what a crazy person I really am."

Last year, Protz was disqualified because ArtPrize officials said her piece, "The Dragon," was not completed in the three-year window ArtPrize allows. Now she is back and in the top ten.

"The best thing that has happened to me is all the people that have come and hugged me and high-fived me for coming back after last year," explains Protz.

In many ways, Protz's top ten appearance is vindication for last year.

"I have to thank everyone that has supported it, and it is just verification for the amount of work I put into it," Protz.

"Finding Beauty in Bad Things: Porcelain Vine" by Fraser Smith is a large carved wooden quilt.

"The name is a reference to the design, not that there was any Porcelain Vine actually used in the piece; the design is based on the idea of this plant," Smith explains.

The name also derives from the fact that Porcelain Vine is an invasive species of plant that destroys trees and shrubs.

It is easy to be deceived looking at the piece because it looks exactly like a quilt, but it is made out of a large block of bass wood.

"Eighty percent of the work was spent sand papering it," says Smith. "You make one assumption 'oh it's a quilt' then you realize it is a wood sculpture."

"Taking Flight" by Michael Gard is a 13-foot tall winged figure hanging from DeVos Place.

"It is made with aluminum wire," says Gard. "I make it by first making a giant wax sculpture."

Gard has been making figurative sculpture mobiles for 15 years, and this year he wanted to go big.

"It is a not a pose that can be completed by a dancer and come down on her feet, so it was a very appropriate pose for a piece with wings," says Gard.

Gard says the best time to see the piece is at night because there are over 1000 LEDs that spotlight every inch of wire.

"People tell me that it makes them happy and communicates joy, bliss, and transcendence," says Gard. "That's great."

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