Three arraigned, including 15-year-old, for Newaygo murder

7:14 PM, Mar 29, 2010   |    comments
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  • Christopher Buford
  • Larz Wall
  • Stephen Kaid Hudson

WHITE CLOUD, Mich. (WZZM) - A fifteen year old is among three people charged with the murder of a Newaygo County man.

Family and friends gathered in the courtroom Monday in Newaygo County as the three were arraigned on open murder charges.

Family members of the victim, Robert "Bob" Diltz tried to hold back their emotions.

Relatives of the suspects watched in disbelief as their loved ones were ordered held without bond

Three men face open murder charges in the death of Robert Edward Diltz, Junior.

Fifteen year old Stephen Kaid Hudson is being charged as an adult. The prosecutor told they judge, "Your honor, the defendant has a lengthy juvenile record. In fact, he was discharged from any sort of supervision without improvement. Numerous attempts were made to get to this juvenile at that stage and he was totally unresponsive to that."

Nineteen year old Christopher Deangelo Buford is also charged as a habitual offender. Buford was convicted of possession of marijuana on school or library property in 2009.

Twenty-five year old Larz Anthony Wall is also being held on a probation violation.

Diltz's daughter, Sarah Gaines, says Wall is the only one her father knew. Gaines says she first met Wall Saturday, while searching for her father. Wall denied seeing her dad since the night before. Gaines says of her father, "That was his fishing spot, he loved it back there. Larz was living in the cabin that they found him behind, that I and my husband found him behind. That's why it hurts, cause my dad always thought so highly of him. So we never suspected anything like this would happen."

Gaines says they can't believe one of the defendants is only 15 years old. She says, "I look at them and I think, these guys are just kids. They're just babies. What were they thinking? What was going through their mind? ... My dad was probably thinking in the back of his mind, that's just a little boy who needs to be put over your lap and spanked when he's naughty. He's just a baby."

Diltz' wife Loretta Acker was too emotional to talk.

But the family is thankful for the work investigators are doing.

Diltz' family says he just went to watch the sun set Friday night. They found his beaten body Saturday.

Police say late Friday night 48-year-old "Bob" Diltz Jr. was killed behind The Green Jug Resort on the 1100 block of S. Bingham Avenue, about a quarter of a mile away from his home.

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By Amy Fox

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