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Try It Before You Buy It: Sally Hansen at-home Gel Manicure Kit

4:19 PM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- The Sally Hansen at-home gel manicure kit claims that in two easy steps, you can have chip-resistant nails with a mirror shine for up to two weeks. It comes with nail strips and a top coat that you cure under a mini LED light.

Aqueelah Seifullah helped me test it out. You have to prep your nails by cleaning, filing and buffing them. Then you apply the nail strips, which were thin like plastic wrap.

Aqueelah thought the strips were a bit awkward to apply and they were hard to get all the way to the edge. They tell you to file off the excess at the tip of the nail and that was hard too. They didn't look very neat when Aqueelah was finished.

Then you apply a top coat to each nail and cure each under the LED light for 30 seconds and wipe each off with a cleansing pad. They looked pretty good when she was done. They were shiny and made her nails hard. But, it was time consuming and seemed like way more than two easy steps.

So, how long would it last? Unfortunately Aqueelah saw major chipping after three days. She said the edges would peel up and get caught in her hair. Then, whole nails started chipping away. It didn't even last a week.

Aqueelah had high hopes because she thought they looked pretty good the first day, but was very disappointed that they only lasted about three days.

Aqueelah also said removing the polish was also time consuming. You have to soak a cotton ball with polish remover and wrap your nails with foil and let that sit for a bit before you scrap off the polish. She had to do this twice to get the color off. She said that process took her about a half hour.

Now, this might take practice and some of this may get easier, but we're not so sure the polish will last much longer because of the way it peeled on Aqueelah's nails.

We found the Sally Hansen gel manicure kit at a number of places, including Meijer and Walgreens. We bought the kit for $27.99. The nail strips by themselves are $13.99, depending on the store.

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