Some Belding residents may be without water for weeks

11:15 PM, Feb 6, 2014   |    comments
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BELDING, Mich. (WZZM) -- The weather is also causing problems for homeowners across West Michigan.

Earlier this week, we told you about a Muskegon Heights woman who didn't have water for days because of frozen pipes. The pipes, leading to the woman's home, were the city's responsibility. Since that report, we've received additional complaints, from viewers in separate communities, with similar problems.

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Some homeowners on York Street in Belding have been without water since Monday and are being told it could be weeks before it will be restored.

The problem is some of the city's water lines have frozen underneath the snow. Belding is not the first or only city to have this problem, but the way officials are handling it has some people seeing red.

No water too bathe. No water to cook, and no water to flush. That's what Stacy Lewis has been dealing with for four days. "It's rough."

Lewis said she was infuriated when Belding city leaders told her they couldn't do anything to help her until the spring. "I pay taxes, I take care of my property," she explained.

Belding City Manager Meg Mullendore said crews need three weeks of 40-degree temperatures or higher before they can address the problem. Which could be March or April.

Lewis' home is one of seven properties in Belding without water because of frozen water lines. In a statement Mullendore said: "Currently the city is unable to do anything about this due to the temperatures and snow accumulation."

Mullendore suggests property owners "run a hose from the neighbor's property outside to their outside faucet, allowing for a back feeding service which provides them water."

Meanwhile, Lewis is buying gallons of water to drink from and make coffee with. She is melting buckets of snow on the stove so she can flush her toilet.

The idea of sitting around waiting for Mother Nature to warm her heart and thaw the water lines is more than she can tolerate.

After talking to the city manager, WZZM 13 contacted the state to see what it can do to speed things along. We were told state officials are involved now to hopefully get water flowing to these residents again.

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