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Greenthumb - Prune 'em if you've got 'em!

2:24 PM, Jan 9, 2012   |    comments
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(WZZM) - Greenthumb Rick Vuyst likes to get out in this unseasonally warm weather and do a little pruning. With the trees completely bare, it gives a better view of any crossing branches that you may want to get rid of.

This week he's taking out watersprouts, branches that go straight up and will do no good this Spring and Summer. It will prevent the tree from growing properly later so it's better to get them while the trees are young.

You may have some newly planted perennials in the ground that are popping up due to the cool then warm weather. Rick recommends you step on them and push them back in the ground, it will help them survive the rest of the Winter still to come.

Rhododendrons often look pretty mopy this time of year, Rick says it's nothing to worry about. They'll be back in the Spring, not to worry.

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