Help! How Do I: Godwin Cooling and Heating

12:11 PM, Dec 20, 2011   |    comments
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Furnace Upgrade:

Overall message: Intellectually, efficiency is a great reason to upgrade a furnace, but comfort is the reason that we live with. It's an intangible, but valuable, benefit of replacement.


Comfort includes health factors: Clean air, optimum humidity.


Comfort comes from a more constant temperature and humidity level, which a higher efficiency model can provide (image: 2stage).


Not just upgrading from an obviously outdated model (image: gravfurn2), but even from an 80% efficiency unit (image: shop2) to a 95% efficiency unit (IMG_9328.26511848_std) has comfort and economic benefits (image: 95afue).


The comfort factor includes peace of mind with warranties.


Questions to ask when considering a Furnace Upgrade

How much?

            Depends on unit.

How long to install?

            Usually one day involves removing the old unit and replacement with new.

How to pick a furnace?

            Get advice on sizing, etc.

            Estimates should include:




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