Home Remedies for Rosacea

10:31 AM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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Elina Fedotova is a cosmetic chemist, herbalist and esthetician who uses the intelligence of nature to restore the skin with fresh, handmade formulations. Her organic, deep delivery professional skin care products are available at salons and medical offices across the United States and abroad. For more go to: www.elinaorganics.com.

    It's Rosacea Awareness Month. Some 16 million Americans are affected by this chronic, incurable inflammatory condition.

    Rosacea is often treated with antibiotics, but during this age of superbugs and antibiotic resistance, many of us want to save these drugs for life threatening emergencies.

   From an Eastern holistic perspective people with rosacea are believed to suffer from excessive internal heat.

   The good news is - this heat can be balanced through diet. While some foods aggravate rosacea outbreaks - others help prevent them. Elina will shows two plates of food:

1.  "No No" plate with overly sweet, processed foods like doughnuts, soda, alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

2.  The other will be a "skin rescue" plate, filled with foods like green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, celery, avocados, green apples, green and herbal tea, kefir and almond milk.

     For those who indulge in a piece of birthday cake or a glass of wine, be sure to eat a green diet the next day to restore your skin's balance.

    Both extreme exercise and extreme temperature changes increase blood flow to the face which can break fragile blood vessels and capillaries.

 Elina performs a "Mini Home Facial for Rosacea Relief"





































 1. Model will cleanse face with yogurt or kefir (cultured milk available a health food and grocery stores) to help calm the skin. 

 2. An oat flour mask will be made with crushed dandelion root (or leaves), oat flour and 1-2 drops of tea tree oil & applied to the skin.  

3. The mask will be gently removed with lukewarm compresses soaked in herbal tea (green tea, chamomile, yarrow, marigold, etc.)  

 4. The skin will be moisturized with coconut and/or Sea buckthorn oil.  

 5. To finish, a zinc based sunblock will be applied to the faced to calm and protect the skin.

 Elina says, " Just because some of us are genetically predisposed to problems like rosacea doesn't mean we can't manage this condition and still look and feel great!"

 Rosacea Relief Mask Recipe:

1 Tsp Oat Flour

Herbal Tea: dandelion, yarrow, chamomile or green tea

1 drop of tea tree oil

 Directions: Add enough herbal tea to the oat flour to make a soft paste. Add a drop of tea tree oil and mix. Apply to affected areas of the face once the mask reaches a lukewarm temperature and let sit for about 5 minutes.

Relax! Stress management is very important because stress hormones intoxicate the body which can aggravate rosacea outbreaks.

 Optional: Add the contents of one capsule of organic powdered spirulina to the mask for added benefits.

Rosacea Relief Tips:

 -A diet rich in green vegetables is beneficial.

-Avoid sweet, spicy, processed foods.

-Prevent broken capillaries by avoiding sudden temperature changes.

-Exercise is good, but keep it gentle!

-Find healthy ways to manage stress



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