Leslie Dishes: Preparing for Your Child's Summer Vacation

11:06 AM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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"Getting moms & dads mentally ready for summer"

I love summer but I don't like the hourly, daily whining of "what are we going to do today, mom" The following are some guidelines for getting your lazy days on track BEFORE your kids completely hi jack your sanity!

1. I like to go to michaels/joannes with my kids and let them pick out fun, busy stuff (crafts, science experiments, cookbooks, knitting, etc) Please note that my kids wouldn't touch any of this stuff, but other (more gracious or grateful) children might!

2. Plan, plan, plan. And yes, plan to have down time too. If they see what's on the calendar for the week, they'll be less likely to complain or expect to be entertained.

3. Look into camps. They get bored too. Everyone knows bored kids = naughty kids. YMCA camps, sports camps, vacation bible school, etc.

4. Make goals and reinforce GOOD behavior. In the past, I've written down fun rewards (movies, sky zone, spoon lickers, sleep overs, etc) and after a great week with minimal issues, they can choose a reward.

5. This last one works when you have several children. One of my least favorite things about summer is my boys' bickering. Siblings bicker and fight, especially when they're bored or have too much togetherness. We have a summer time rule in this house. If the brothers don't get along with each other, they don't get to play with friends. It gives them incentive and if all goes well, you'll be able to enjoy a harmonious summer!

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