Michigan's Child Protection Registry

11:06 AM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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Michigan's Child Protection Registry is a free service provided by the State of Michigan and an extra tool for parents to protect their children from unwanted adult solicitations. 

By registering, you are prohibiting companies marketing products and services including alcohol, tobacco, gambling, drugs and/or pornography. By stopping this kind of marketing we can cut down on enticements that can cause harm to our children. 

Families and households can register their e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers (SMS), and instant messenger IDs at www.ProtectMiChild.com 

Schools can register their domain which stops all student, faculty, and administrative e-mails from receiving adult advertisements 

Addresses are stored as codes in the registry and as such can never be shared. This ensures that your privacy is never compromised. 

Registrations last for three years and you can renew at any time. 

How is the registry free for families? Marketers who comply with the Registry laws pay a small fee to the state to remove registered addresses from their advertising lists. 

Michigan is only one of two states in the country that provides this service to families. 

The Michigan Child Protection Registry went live in 2004 and now over 320,000 email and IM addresses and cell phone numbers are being protected. 

The program is administered by the Public Service Commission and enforced in conjunction with the State Attorney General's Office. 

There is a 30 day grace period after registering and you can submit a complaint to the state if contact by an adult marketer after that grace period

The Registry is constantly growing each year, but there are still thousands of families and communities in the state that are unaware of this free, state run program. To register you can go to www.ProtectMiChild.com It only takes a few minutes but will give parents an extra piece of mind when working to keep their kids safe online. Parents can also check with their schools to make sure they are signed up on the registry as well. 

For more useful tips on how to keep your children safe online follow ProtectMiChild on Facebook.

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