Surviving Family Vacation Time this Summer

11:05 AM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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  With Memorial Day this weekend and summer vacations, graduation open houses ,and family reunions how do we keep family gatherings fun and not dysfunctional?
How do you keep sibling rivalry from blowing up?
How to best interact with your relatives/visitors in line at your home?

How to keep your cool around family this summer?
I. Have healthy expectations: It won't be Leave it Beaver or the Brady Bunch it Doesn't have to be Torture Either.
II. Plan and Organize but Don't be too Rigid with the Plans. Some preplanning and preparing of your children but allow flexibility.
III. Discuss expected behaviors and consequences
IV. Communication: Assertively (not aggressively or passively) communicate and hold to boundaries with family members
V. Keep your kids busy: Idle time is the Devils tool
VI. Limit Technology e.g. videogames especially
VII. Use a sandwich communication: Positive, negative, positive
VIII. Catch your kids and significant others being good/Praise and Appreciate. Yourself too. Praise and reward yourself.
IX. Try to allow date time or alone time and time 1:1 with a child. If possible.
X. In your head focus on what is positive
XI. Moderate alcohol, sun exposure, staying up too late, spending too much money, eating too much junk food...don't let all the healthy rules go out the window with Memorial Day weekend or vacations or home for the summer
XII. Find inexpensive things for your kids to do ie. Vacation Bible Schools and Community Recreation Groups.
XIII. Treat others the way you'd want to be treated and teach and model this to your children

Courtesy: Dr. Matthew Clark,


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