Teen Series: Five Things Parents should know about their Teenager Daughter

3:49 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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Grand Rapids Women's Health specializes in healthcare services related to both the normal and abnormal processes of a woman's reproductive system. A broad range of services are offered for women of all ages including adolescent review and introduction to health care needs for menstruating women, care during pregnancy, gynecological care, surgical intervention and ultrasound.

Welcome Dr. Robyn Hubbard from Grand Rapids Women's Health. We have a two part series with you this week and next about teenage girls and their needs. Today what we would like to focus on are the most pressing issues that parents should be aware of with their teenage daughter.

A. Dr. Hubbard, you are a healthcare physician specializing In female health care - What do you consider to be the five most important things that parents should know and discuss with their daughters that relates to their health care issues?
• Sexual changes
• Menstruation
• Intimacy with a partner - what is ok, what is not??
• Pregnancy
• HVP and other gynecological diseases

B. I know that this conversation can be very difficult for some - what is your advice here? How can parents have this discussion in a meaningful way and what resources are there to help them with the conversation(s).

Next Week we are going to delve more into the reality of what is going on with teens having sex and how parents can best control the behaviors of their teens to help keep them safe and be on top of the situation as much as possible.

Thank you Dr. Hubbard for your knowledge about this issue. In the meantime, please send us your comments and questions....

Dr. Hubbard, how do people get in contact with your practice if they are interested in finding out more? Website address: www.grandrapidswomenshealth.com / or 616-588-1200.


Dr. Robyn Hubbard
Grand Rapids Women's Health
Located at Women's Health Center of West Michigan 

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