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The Starving Artist Out on the Farm

10:55 AM, Jul 8, 2013   |    comments
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The Starving Artist - Torrence O'Haire hosts Sicilian Modern, Classical Pasta, and Workshops on the Farm at Seitsma's Orchard!

Today on Take Five Torrence shares a Farinata (Italian Chickpea Fritters) recipe:

1c chickpea flour (Look in Indian or Middle Eastern markets for the best offering. It's sometimes called Gram flour there)
1c warm water, plus more
2tsp salt

2tsp olive oil

1 pinch cumin

1 handful chopped fresh rosemary
Lots of olive oil for the pan

More crunchy salt, for finishing

Mix all the ingredients together to the texture of pancake batter (you may need more than 1c water, depending on your flour). Let the batter rest for AT LEAST 30 minutes, but ideally a few hours-- or best yet, overnight. Batter will thicken slightly, but should be easily pourable. Add more water if you need.
Preheat your broiler. Heat a generous 1/4c of olive oil in a cast-iron (or other heavy) skillet. Pour batter into the skillet, and cook on medium heat until the edges begin to firm and dry a bit. When the top looks like it's beginning to set, move the pan to the broiler and cook until the top is brown. Remove from the pan, salt generously, and cut into wedges. Enjoy with a cold glass of wine for a great appetizer!

For more information:

Starving Artist Workshops, Sicilian Farm Dinner and The Slow Food movement:

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