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Cherry Mint Truffles & Flavor Lab

8:13 AM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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Cherry Mint Truffles
Ganache: Coating:
1 cup local heavy cream Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Powder
1 ½ T Raw Honey Fair Trade Organic Powdered Sugar
1 ½ T Organic Michigan Tart Cherry Concentrate
Handful of garden fresh mint
500 g Dark Chocolate
In a glass bowl, boil cream, mint and honey. You can pop this into the microwave for 3 minutes or do it
very carefully on the stove. NOTE: If boiling on the stove, set on medium to medium low heat, and pull
off heat as soon as a thin film forms on the top. Do not scald the cream.
Pull from heat, dispose of mint leaves. Add Cherry Concentrate. Add chocolate while cream is still very
warm. Blend with a rubber spatula until smooth. If lumps remain in the ganache, microwave on 50%
power for 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until ganache is smooth.
Cover bowl with plastic wrap, and cool in refrigerator until ganache is scoopable. Using a small scoop or
tablespoon, scoop out small amounts of ganache and roll into balls.
Lightly coat ganache balls by tossing in a mixture of 2 parts cocoa powder to 1 part powdered sugar.
Store away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place for up to one week. Enjoy!
Recipe developed by Miriam Owsley



GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 19, 2013 - The Downtown Market recently announced Flavor Labs, a series of three-hour flavor-filled, palate-stimulating workshops for teens, ages 12-15. The camp is designed for parents looking to turn their children into aspiring chefs, or to help them find new ways to participate in the kitchen as a family.

All chefs will get to take home recipes, knowledge for recreation, and all food creations. Flavor Lab workshops will start July 29 through August 30 and take place at the Downtown Market every Monday (9:00 a.m.-Noon), Tuesday (4:30-7:30 p.m.), Thursday (4:30-7:30 p.m.), and Friday (9:00 a.m.-Noon). Cost per each three-hour workshop is $75.

Each Flavor Lab workshop has a weekly theme featuring two different workshops:

JULY 29-AUGUST 2: Culinary Bootcamp! Love experimenting in the kitchen? Want to figure out what sets the average cook apart from a chef? Join us to learn the Essentials to begin creating fabulous meals at home that impress your family and friends. Step it up a notch in the second workshop by learning to design a menu that is sure to pack the wow factor while you show off your new chef skills.

AUGUST 5-9: Survival Foods! Tired of yelling, "Mom, what can I eat?!"? Jump into our Daily Meals workshop and whip up power-packed breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in a snap. Not only will these meals satisfy, they're convenient and give you the skills to make up your own creations. Follow up with the Grab-n-Go workshop, making snacks you can throw in your backpack for after any activity to provide natural energy. These convenience foods are sure to make your taste-buds water and feed the beast!

AUGUST 12-16: Around the World! Interested in discovering the flavors from all over the world? What makes Mediterranean foods authentic? What spices are true to Mexican cuisine? How can I make a mouth-watering Thai dish? These questions will be answered, plus many more. Learn the unique flavor combinations from the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

AUGUST 19-23: Summer Bakes! Looking to bake up those traditional foods that we love with every meal? The Classics will give you the knowledge to create breads to muffins, crackers to pretzels. Want to add a little extra comfort? Comfort foods explores baking your own quick yet gourmet meals instead of throwing those pizza rolls or hot pockets in the microwave. Learn how to make your crusts, pockets, and pies into amazing, nutrient dense familiar foods.

AUGUST 26-30: Spectacular Desserts! Who doesn't love fresh baked sweets? Create your own amazing pastries that will impress with flavor and presentation! Want more then the traditional? Head into our Specialties workshop and explore candies and sweet treats that combine imagination with sugar-coated joy!

Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday workshops are the same lesson in order to accommodate both AM & PM time slots. Make sure that you don't sign up for consecutive days but feel free to combine a workshop at the beginning of the week and one at the end.

To register, visit For more information, call 616-805-5308 or email Registration is also available during the Outdoor Market at the info table.

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