Gazelle Girl Half Marathon - Fellow Flowers

11:07 AM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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We've been talking about the upcoming Gazelle Girl Half Marathon taking place this weekend, but you know what, whether you are aiming for that finish line or maybe you didn't sign up but want a kick start, then this event is for you.

Meet Mel and Tori, lifelong friends who two years ago, ran a race together, that not only brought them closer together, but changed them forever and they decided to channel that change and share it with as many women as they can.

About Fellow Flowers:
• Goal is to honor, celebrate and share the stories, reasons and purposes behind women who run
• In 2011 Tori invited a group of her friends to train and run a ½ marathon with her in celebration of her birthday
• Over the course of their training, they discovered that running is so much more than just running; it is a journey of physical and mental struggles, just like life and that when you cross that finish line, you will have learned something that can be applied in other areas of your life
• Also found an incredible bond that had formed

About the Flower:
• Just before the race, a friend of Tori's presented her with 14 bright orange daisies, one for each of the women running the race, they knew they were together, but now everyone along the course could see their connection too!
• And that is where the journey of the flower began, offering women an outward display of what they experience inside

And The Rest:
• From one orange flower, you could say the idea has bloomed, there are now 10 different color flowers, each with a different meaning
• The flowers are a symbol of friendship, strength and beauty (and well, everyone looks cute wearing one too!); they represent reasons why women run and are inspired by the women who ran that first race
• Along with a full line of tee shirts, running gear and accessories

About the Bloom Party:
• Saturday, April 13 - 7:00 PM
• Amway Grand Plaza Hotel - Gerald R. Ford Ballroom
• It's a party for goal chasers and kick starters alike
• Come spend an evening, share a story, find a connection and have some fun
• Oh and you can shop - as the shirts will only be available at the Bloom Party (not at the Expo -flowers will be for sale at the expo though) 

To find out more about Fellow Flowers, please follow on Facebook or visit 

Details on Grand Rapids Bloom Party


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