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Mosquito lawn repellents that work

7:24 PM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- If the record spring flooding wasn't enough, Monday's downpours will likely make our mosquito problem even worse.

Any homeowner with a backyard is likely miserable right now. The mosquito season is worse than it has been in years, and stores like Rylee's Ace Hardware are selling out of mosquito repellents.

But if you're being eaten alive in your own yard, there are products to help.

Take Mosquito Beater, a granular or spray-on repellant for your lawn. Aaron Rayborn, Rylee's Ace Hardware store manager says it's a fast seller. "We've just seen a huge increase, 300%."

Rayborn says there's two products that work great for your entire lawn, and one that works so-so. He says Mosquito Beater is the longest-lasting and cheapest solution for your lawn. "The spray formula hooks up to a garden hose, one bottle does 5,000 square ft., and it lasts for up to three weeks," he said.

The granular form does 4,000 square feet. The jugs run $12.99 and $13.99.

"If there's a downpour you may have to re-apply sooner than that," he said.

Then, there's the Black Flag fogger. "This will do about a 5,000 sq ft yard as well, a standard city lot."

"You want to do one pump every couple of minutes," he said. "And this is very effective. We're probably killing thousands of mosquitoes right now," he said, while spraying grass.

The Black Flag Fogger runs $69.99 and lasts for about two hours. "We had a party and it worked great," he said.

"If you're constantly outdoors, you may want to invest in the mosquito magnet," said Rayborn. If not, Rayborn says they're not worth the cost: $200 to $800. Rylee's stopped carrying them.

Rayborn says the brand they carried broke down easily and sometimes didn't light. If you purchase one, it takes about three weeks to become effective.

You can put all the repellents down, but Rayborn says this season, you're still probably not going to get to every mosquito. "They've just been really bad this year, unfortunately."

Rayborn recommends to wait until after all the severe weather this week to apply the repellents. Their stores shelves will be stocked again by Tuesday morning.

He says lavender-scented candles and tiki torches are also good ideas if you just plan to be on your deck or patio.

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