Take Five Summer Dessert Recipes - 6/7/2013

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With Summer officially here, Party City has dreamed up some fabulous desserts and entertaining ideas that are perfect for transforming any backyard into a sweet summer celebration.

Design tricks for creating a summer getaway in the backyard:
• Must-have "get ready for summer" favors. 
  Set up a space for water fun toys to keep the kids entertained and stay cool during the warm weather.
• When designing a tablescape for your summer soiree, its always important to add height to the display. Stack serving trays on beach pales for an unexpected summer detail that adds interest.
• Using fish netting as any part of your display will always scream "summer!" - here, we're using some we got at Party City as a tablecloth overlay to add dimension and texture, but you could hang as a backdrop or cut up to use as placemats.

A. Recipes:
Peaches are in season now, and they are so refreshing in the hot summer weather. June 21 is actually National Peaches N Cream Day, so in honor of the holiday, we're going to share a few simple dessert recipes that incorporate this delicious fruit.

Peach Pie Parfait:
Peach filling
Crumbled graham crackers
Greek yogurt

1. First, pick up some mini-serveware from Party City, you can find these in the appetizer or tasting party aisle, and there are several shapes to choose from.
2. Then you'll simply start to layer in all of the ingredients, and this dessert works great with any fruit - but for National Peaches N Cream Day, we're using peaches.
3. Start with a scoop of Greek yogurt, layer in fresh peaches or peach-pie filling, top with a layer of crushed graham crackers.
4. Repeat as necessary, and you can garnish with the sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs.

Peachy Keen Pound Cake
Pound Cake (store bought or personal recipe)
Chopped fresh peaches
Vanilla ice cream

1. Using store-bought or a personal recipe for pound cake as a base, we're simply adding in the freshness and tartness of peaches along with the creamy sweetness of ice cream for a simple dessert that will have party guest coming back for more.
2. Slice the cake for serving.
3. Make sure the ice cream is soft but not melted.
4. Scoop out the ice cream on to a flat surface.
5. Top the ice cream with chopped fresh peaches.
6. Let each circle sit for a while to let the icing firm up, so it won't run down the cake.
7. Using two large spoons or spatulas begin to fold the peaches into the ice cream.
8. Then simply scoop the ice cream mixture onto each slice of pound cake for serving.

Peach Pops:
Peach flavored fruit juice
Fresh chopped peaches
Reusable popsicle-making trays
*Add in rum to make it an adult treat after dusk.

1. Using popsicle-making trays from Party City, pour a favorite fruit juice (again, we're using peach) inside each one - about half to ¾ of the way filled.
2. Next, chop fresh peaches and carefully drop in each cup.
3. Then place filled popsicle trays inside the freezer for overnight chilling.
4. The next day, you'll have delicious homemade popsicles to share and enjoy poolside.

Courtesy: Haley Hogan, Party City Celebration Expert

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