Organize Your Garage

12:34 PM, Jun 20, 2013   |    comments
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The weather is finally warm enough to get into your garage to get it organized!

Think Zones:
• children's toys & sports equipment, pet/wild bird food, within easy reach (show a few organizing tools...)
• garden tools & equip. next zone up
• seasonal outdoor decor (xmas lights, wreaths) & lawn fertilzers/pesticides highest zone... for safety reasons
• recycle center: near the door to the house; if it's not easy it won't get used properly (location, location, location)
• small refrig. (dorm room style) for kids drinks...keeps them from running in & out of the house

Think outside the box:
• vertical space - think "up" list of items that can be stored up high. Put lighter items on higher shelves & heavier items down low... that way if something falls, it won't injure you... consider safety
• unique ways to store equipment such as, hockey sticks, bags chairs,
• a portable file box for outdoor equipment manuals, sand paper storage, maps (store maps in the garage vs. in the many times have you run back into the house to get one an out of state map just before leaving on a trip, so they're not all flying around your car when you don't need them

Miscellaneous points:
• Everything needs a home. Your family is more likely to put it there if each item is designated a permanent home.
• Labeling is necessary if you want all family members to participate in keeping things organized.
• When to containerize: small items, balls, pucks, pet food, (deter & protect against rodents/pests) plant fertilizers that come in bags...after opening put in empty peanut butter jars + easier to use, store measuring tool in jar as well (stay away from glass containers), car wash products in a bucket
• When to hang: extension cords, hockey sticks, umbrellas, bag chairs, (anything that tends to tip over or get tangled)













Courtesy: Liz Miklosi of The Organizing Specialists














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