Family honors Greenville man's dying wish

7:12 PM, Jun 29, 2013   |    comments
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GREENVILLE, Mich, (WZZM) - In a few days or weeks, doctors say a 55 year-old Greenville man is going to die from heart disease and it's complications.

But Dar Morgan is not going to leave this world without knowing how much he meant to his family, friends and neighbors.
Saturday at Greenville High School, about 100 people surprised Dar with a party to share memories and say goodbye.

It was an uncommon dying wish, but before his speech went, Morgan told his family he just "had" to see Greenville High School's new football field.

Morgan played several sports there when he was in high school, and so did his kids. So on his ride home from the hospital, the ambulance made a special stop at the field.

Dar will spend the next couple days in Greenville with his family until he passes. Because of his love of the town's athletes, his family already plans on starting up a scholarship in his name.

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