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  • David and Vivian Bouwman
  • Javonte Higgins - 10/3/13

KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) - David and Vivian Bouwman died fighting for their lives inside their Kentwood home.

Thursday the man accused of killing the elderly couple was back in court for another preliminary hearing.

Unlike past hearings, Javonte Higgins came across as lucid and aware of his surroundings.

Thursday's  testimony centered on the time between late the night of January 4th to approximately 11:15 a.m. January 5th,  Seven witnesses testified; five witnesses revealed just about everything the court needed to know about Higgins in those hours.

The night started with Lacie Martin, a friend of Higgins. On January 4th she says she came home to find him at her apartment, and says he was acting strange. "Standoff-ish, Rude, he was never rude to me," she said.

 He was drunk she told the court, and for the first time in her presence, under the influence of something else. "I saw him take, I don't know what kind, but pills."

Around midnight, she drove him to Kellogg Cove Apartments, where Higgins' friend Camari Boyd lives. They were supposed to go to Woody's and play poker, but Boyd says Higgins' changed his mind and told Martin to pull into Craig's Cruisers' lot next door. Boyd says he got out and put his hoodie up. "I saw him covering his face up and thought something bad was about to happen."

Boyd said he was shielding something, and says it seemed apparent he was planning to rob Woody's. "It could have been a gun," he said.

Boyd says he and Martin convinced Higgins to get in the car. They dropped Boyd off, then Martin dropped Higgins off in the Bouwman's neighborhood.

At 4 a.m., Boyd's doorbell rang.  He told the court what Higgins was saying, "Some people got shot. He kept saying I got to get rid of the car."

The car eventually ended up a few hours later at an apartment complex in Wyoming, up in flames. The Vin number was connected to the Bouwman's Cadillac. Kentwood Police Officer Troy Boeskool went to the their home and testified he found broken door windows and the garage and interior doors were open. Then he went inside. "Noticed two victims lying in kitchen lying in pools of their own blood," Boeskool said. "We checked the victims...it was apparent they were dead."

He testified the home appeared to be undisturbed and high-end electronics were still in the home.

The last person to testify was the man who drove Higgins' to Chicago two weeks after the alleged murders in his attempt to flee.  But the man says at first, he wasn't sure Higgins was wanted for murder. He testified he didn't even know his first name and he didn't look like the man the media had been broadcasting.

The man says when he did question Higgins, he says he denied the murder. Chicago police showed up the next day in the suburb of Blue Island and arrested Higgins after receiving a tip about his whereabouts.

There are more people still to testify. The next hearing is October 14th and 2 p.m.  

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