Gift Ideas at Your Finger Tips

12:04 PM, Jan 2, 2014   |    comments
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Gift Ideas at Your Finger Tips

Faith Megna from GR Birthday Deals shares gift ideas for birthdays and other special occasions.

Intro to GR Birthday Deals:


Faith Megna, president and founder of GR Birthday Deals, has a background in local advertising and digital promotion, loves celebrating birthdays and enjoys sharing that "Everyone has a birthday. Most of us like to celebrate it." Through research, there were blogs sharing national birthday deals, but nothing specifically for local businesses, even though there was a high interest level. Watching where digital promotion was going, wanting to stick with her roots of working with locally-owned businesses and having fun with it, the local birthday deals concept was born. It was decided to develop the Grand Rapids website in early 2013. went live on October 5th, which is considered the most common birth date of the year in the United States, according to Do the math: this date correlates with New Year's Eve.


The best way to describe the GR Birthday Deals website is Windows 8 meets Pinterest with the scrolling button layout. It's no longer about keeping content above the fold, but "What else is there?" This is all in part due to social media and how ingrained scrolling has become in our daily lives. 



How GR Birthday Deals Works:


Anyone with a birthday (that's everyone), is invited to visit GR to find local birthday deals at 50% off to FREE. Choose each of the deals you would like to receive throughout the month of your birthday via text or email - showing an ID to confirm your birthday when redeeming offers at each of the businesses. Deals chosen via text are saved in your own personal wallet. Emails are sent the month of your birthday, based on how long they are good for. (Week before: Day of; Two weeks before: Week of; and 1st of Month: Month of.)


Each of the businesses on the website receive 100% of the sales profits on any deal or gift purchase. GR Birthday Deals allows shoppers to buy directly from the businesses listed. When it comes to helping a customer decide on what to purchase, we leave it up to the people who know their business best - the businesses themselves. Enter the Birthday Party and Gift Ideas are added into the equation.


If you're celebrating someone else's birthday and need birthday party and/or gift ideas, you're able to find local businesses that offer birthday parties and space by visiting and click on Birthday Parties. Choose the deal via text or email and receive complete details. If you book a party with a GR Birthday Deals text or email, each of the businesses offer a gift to the birthday person - whether it's a free entrée or a birthday pack, this takes care of the unknown of "Who's paying for the birthday person?"  


Celebration Gift Ideas in the New Year:


Save time and buy local online: Having experienced last-minute shopping for a friend's birthday, that hour-and-a-half of scurrying around to find a gift could've been done in just a few clicks and a matter of minutes. This is what made it a no-brainer to include gift ideas for the givers of the birthday crowd in one place. We have some of the more popular gift ideas from the site today and have contests up on the website for viewers to enter to win them at


Gifts start as low as $9.99 with Free Delivery to Gift Cards in any increment...


  • Fitness Packages to start off the New Year on the right foot: (Pure Barre)


  • Gift Tins, Baskets or Personalized Buckets: (Kilwins at McKay Tower and GR Birthday Deals)


  • Car Care Packages: (CarStar on Plainfield)


  • Sweets perfect for a gift or party: (Cookies by Design/Cupcake by Design)



  • Wine by the bottle or personalized gifts from Cascade Winery


  • Passes for the next family gathering or get together with friends at T.C. Paintball GR and SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park


  • Last, but not least, Gift Cards to many local favorite restaurants and retail outlets.

How to get started?

1)    Join the GR Birthday Deals email or text club for FREE - click on GR Birthday Deals button on the home page of

2)    Choose to receive any of the local birthday savings at 50% off to FREE for the month of your birthday via text or email.

3)    For those of you who are celebrating someone else's birthday ... find birthday party and online gift ideas from local businesses ANY time of the year at

4)    Enter to win any of the gifts shown today from Pure Barre,  Kilwins at McKay Tower, CARSTAR on Plainfield, Cookies by Design and/or GR Birthday Deals through this Sunday, January 5th at 11:59pm. Visit and click on contests.  

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