Man will attend daughter's funeral thanks to good samaritans

10:32 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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UPDATE: Friday 11:00 p.m. (WZZM) -- Thanks to the generosity of two WZZM 13 viewers, Tony Bailey will be able to attend his daughter's funeral on Friday.

One has offered to drive Tony to the Detroit Airport Friday morning. He will then fly to Oklahoma thanks to a viewer who offered to buy him a ticket  to get him there. 

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- A Muskegon man will miss his daughter's funeral, he says due to Greyhound's mishandling of his bus ticket to Oklahama.

Tony Baily says the ticket miscommunication is one thing. He's more disappointed in Greyhound's response.

He says he was told "There's nothing we can do," over and over again.

"She's in our heart, but I need to be there, I want to be there and I can't," Bailey said, speaking to his daughter by phone in the Grand Rapids Greyhound station Thursday afternoon.

His daughter is in Norman, Oklahoma, preparing to bury her 30-year-old sister, Velinda.

"She had a stroke three days ago and she died," said Bailey.

"We spend all this time planning this, and they were straight up negligent to me and they talked to me so cold," he said to his daughter.

Bailey started his journey in Muskegon. His sister Tanya bought him a round-trip ticket to Oklahoma online.

"She printed everything, and they gave me one ticket. It read "Muskegon to Oklahoma, board to Grand Rapids."

When Bailey arrived, Greyhound asked for a new ticket.

Greyhound spokesperson Tim Stokes says Tanya printed the forms incorrectly and that Bailey only brought in a confirmation receipt.

"She called and talked to managers and everyone she could talk to," he said.

Tonya told WZZM 13 over the phone that she volunteered to fax over her receipt.

She says Greyhound said no. Stokes say she wouldn't give them her email; she says they didn't ask.

So Bailey wasn't allowed to board.





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