Try It Before You Buy It: Hot Buns

8:36 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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LOWELL (WZZM) -- Hot Buns claim to be the simple styling solution to create perfect hair buns in less than a minute. You simply roll, snap and wrap your hair with no need for pins.

Morgan and Nina Vulpetti helped me put it to the test. Both girls have long, straight hair. You can place your bun wherever you want, up high, down low on your neck, or even off to the side. There are lots of possibilities. It comes in two different colors for light and dark hair.

The Hot Buns are made from a material that feels like a bath sponge or plastic loofah. One box comes with two different sizes. You place your hair in a pony tail holder wherever you want your bun. Then take the Hot Bun at the bottom of your pony tail and roll the hair up, bending it down and snapping it under the bun. An elastic band then wraps around the bun to secure it.

It took us a couple tries to make the bun not flop down and sag. You have to be careful to get all of your hair pieces in the bun so it's not messy. Morgan and Nina had a hard time doing it themselves, but with some practice they probably could do it. After a few tries and getting it just right, the girls were happy with the results.

I also tested it out on my hair that is short and layered. I had a much easier time doing it myself. I too had a problem with the bun sagging, but after one adjustment, I ended up with a perfect bun. I was impressed.

None of us had problems with our hair getting caught, so we were happy with that. But the commercial says when you take your hair out of the Hot Buns you'll have gorgeous, curly hair. Nina tried that but didn't really have any curls, although it did make her hair look fuller.

For $9.99, the girls and I thought it was a good product. One viewer told me she had a problem with her naturally curly hair, so keep that in mind. But I had no problem, even with my layers. I think this product takes practice, but overall, it works.

We found Hot Buns at places like Walgreens, Target and WalMart.

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