Companies change medical plans after ACA

7:10 AM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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JENISON (WZZM) -- As the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," kicks in, companies across West Michigan are raising medical insurance rates and deductibles.

Erin and DJ Parkin are expecting their first baby.

Erin says, "It takes the joy from it because the plans you made are now out the window."

The couple is reeling, not from baby news, but their health insurance deductible. The couple already paid $5,000 in time for the baby's birth, or so they thought. "Now all the sudden we're looking at thousands of dollars in added costs that would have been covered by our insurance."

The company's deductible, which normally resets in April, is now being reset in January to align with guidelines in The Affordable Care Act. The couple will now have to pay the deductible twice, and the baby's birth will not be 100% covered like they planned.

DJ says, "That's $5,000 in medical costs that are now going to reset again in the beginning of January."

The couple already cut cable and sold a car.

"We've cut a lot of luxury items out of our budget to make accomodations for this even with the cuts we've made it's not going to be enough."

The Parkin's now hope politicians will reimburse families like theirs who are being short-changed.

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