Scholar athletes: The Meintsma twins

9:21 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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  • Coopersville seniors Kameron (left) and Kyle Meintsma.
  • Coopersville High School senior Kameron Meintsma.
  • Coopersville High School senior Kyle Meintsma.

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - WZZM and Meijer are seeing double this week. We are pleased to recognize twin brothers Kyle and Kameron Meintsma of Coopersville High School as our Meijer Scholar Athletes of the Week for the week of January 14th.

Name a sport and the Meintsma twins have probably played it at some point in their high school careers. But both will tell you wrestling is their sport of choice. "I've done golf, I've done wrestling, I've done baseball, I've done soccer, I've done track," says Kyle. "We've done about every sport growing up," adds Kameron. "We've always tried new things. Pushing ourselves to succeed in the sports we do. When we were little, we'd always be on the (wrestling) mat and we would always be in the finals. So we would have one parent in one corner and the other in the other corner. So if one of us lost, we'd be upset with the other parent like, 'Why were you cheering for him? You're my mom,' or 'you're my dad.' That's how it always was competing against each other."

The two boys are excellent students as well. Kameron has a 3.6 grade point average. Kyle's is 3.7. "He's beating me by a little bit," says Kameron with a laugh.

Next year, for the first time in their lives, they will split up. Kameron plans to enter the Marine reserves and then attend Western Michigan University to study aviation. Kyle is headed to Michigan State where he wants to enter the veterinarian program. "It's going to be really different," says Kyle. "To go from seeing him every day, sharing a room with him most of my life, now he's going to be an hour and a half away."

The Meinstmas are "mirror twins" meaning they share opposite traits. "I'm righthanded and he's lefthanded," says Kyle. "I kick with my left, he kicks with his right. It gives us away sometimes. If I'm writing with my right hand and someone doesn't know if I'm Kyle or Kameron, they're like, 'Okay he's writing with his right hand. That's Kyle and that's Kameron.'"

Outside of school, both boys have been active in their church going on mission trips to Beaver Island, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.  

WZZM and Meijer salute Kyle and Kameron Meintsma for their hard work and wish them continued success!

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