WZZM 13 Contact Information

By Surface Mail:
    WZZM 13 645 Three Mile
    Grand Rapids, MI 49544
By Phone:
    (616) 785-1313

    WZZM 13 News Tip Line (616) 559-1300

By Fax:
    (616) 785-1301
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FCC Captioning Complaints Procedures
If captions become garbled or disappear suddenly, please contact:

Contact Information for Immediate Complaints:
Jay Lowe, Operations Supervisor
Chuck Mikowski, VP-Director of Technology
Catherine Behrendt, Programming & Community Director

Phone: 616-559-1416
Fax: 616-785-1301
Email: closedcaption@wzzm13.com

Or send written complaints to:
Jay Lowe
Operations Supervisor
645 3 Mile Road NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
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