Dog Does the Dirty Work

8:50 AM, Oct 21, 2012   |    comments
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Environmental Canine Services employees Sable and Logan take a break.

Mackinac Island, MI (WZZM) - People came from all over the nation to attend this year's Great Lakes Beach Association Conference on Mackinac Island this last week with one goal in mind; preserve the Great Lakes.

A lot of the effort that goes in to protecting this unique resource has to do with water quality issues.

Typically, that involves a lot of sampling and expensive testing which could take days before results are available.

But Scott Reynolds and his partner, Sable, are looking to change all that with one very selective nose.

Scott Reynolds, Project Manager for Environmental Canine Services based in Vermontville, MI said, "Components, the pathogens, bacterias that are within human sewage can be very dangerous to humans and cause all kinds of gastro-intestinal issues, and close our beaches; these beautiful beaches that we have here in Michigan.  So, by utilizing our dog to detect that human sewage, find it's source and get it removed faster than traditional sampling methods, is a way that we keep those beaches clean and open for people to use."

Seven-year-old Sable was the first dog in the program.  Now, because of their success, there are five dogs in Michigan and a new group has begun training in Northern California.

Reynolds hopes that this will eventually be the new standard for sanitary crews across the nation.

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