Introducing your Furry Friend to your New Human Love

2:20 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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This dog is not responsible for any biting claims that we are aware of. (WZZM)

1. Introductions are important. Go slow. Use LOTS of positive reinforcement.

2. Feliway or Adaptil phermone sprays or plug-ins.

3. Food Treats are our friend. Use a unique, super HIGH value (delicious) treat that only your new friend is allowed to give your four legged friend. Even though it's valentine's day, don't use chocolate :)

4. Avoid prolonged eye contact, approach from the side or stay sitting on the ground. It often helps to confine the pet to a single room (especially cats) so they can't run away and get themselves all upset. Canned food meals can help this process.

5. Have your new human friend help feed, walk, play, go for rides, whatever your pet really enjoys.

6. Make sure your pet continues to receive personal attention so they don't get jealous.

7. Talk in a girlie squirelly voice and give your pet tons of praise.

8. If there are any signs of aggression, contact a veterinarian with experience in positive reinforcement behavior shaping.
Don't force the issue or you may get bitten. (not usually a love bite).

8. If you are a dog or cat LOVER! Make SURE your new beau or bell is also - VERy important.

10. Medication may be necessary to relieve your pet's anxiety if things worsen or are not improving. 

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