Where to see the past winners of ArtPrize

10:05 AM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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  • Elephants can be seen at the ArtPrize Hub
  • Cavalry located at Aquinas
  • Open Water #24 located at the Reserve
  • Crucifixion located at Cornerstone

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- It is the fifth year of ArtPrize, but before you look at the art vying for your votes, take a minute to check the previous winners as they are still being exhibited around Grand Rapids.

Last year's winner is located at the ArtPrize Hub, located on 41 Sheldon Blvd. 'Elephants' by Adonna Khare is featured on the gift shop wall.

Kevin Buist, ArtPrize exhibitions director, says that there are two reasons you should see come and see it. "One she did new drawings that she did on the walls of The Hub," explains Buist. "We cut out large portions and they are framed and hanging at the ArtPrize store."

The 2011 winner, 'Crucifixion' by Mia Tavonatti is located at Cornerstone University in the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary building. The piece is so big it almost didn't fit according to Bob Sack, the director of marketing at ArtPrize.

"It was quite a process to get it here. You had to literally take out windows to get it through the building, so it is not something that comes down or up very easily. We expect to have it at ArtPrize for many years to come," explains Sack.

The 2010 winner, 'Cavalry' is located in the Aquinas College library where the artist Chris Laporte is an alum and instructor.

"I think Aquinas was important to its genesis," says Chad Gunnoe Provost at Aquinas. "When Chris was first assembling it, he was doing a lot of it here on campus."

The first ArtPrize winner, Ran Ortner has his piece, 'Open Water Number 24' located at the Reserve Wine bar on Monroe Ave. It can be seen just above the bar.

The advantage to seeing the winners now is that you don't have to battle crowds.

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