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See six interactive art pieces at ArtPrize

8:35 PM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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  • Trash Mirror by Daniel Rozen
  • Erase by Greg Bokor
  • Natural Phenomena / Synthetic Wonder by Jessica Joy London
  • Goomey Land Mini-golf by Donald W. VanAuken.
  • Sessilanoid by James Peterson
  • Moving Violation by Robert Shangle

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- ArtPrize showcases all types of art from paintings to sculptures, but there are some installations that require you to get involved. We found six interactive pieces that are worth checking out.

#1 "Sessilanoid" by James Peterson

Where: The GRAM

What: Participants are encouraged to hit buttons in the center of the LED light structure that causes the whole piece to blink, and change hues. Kids will need to be lifted up in order hit the button.

#2 "Goomey Land Mini-golf" by Donald W. VanAuken

Where: Back of the Public Musem

What: A kid friendly sculpture that doubles as a mini-golf hole. Long lines on the weekend make this a popular art exhibit. "It's really hands-on, which is what I have always tried to do with my work throughout my artistic career," explains Donald W. VanAuken

#3 "Erase" by Greg Bokor

Where: Inside the Fountain Street Church

What: A large pencil drawing of an assault style gun. People were encouraged to take an eraser with the name of someone who died in a gun related incident and erase the drawing. After less than a week the drawing is mostly gone, and the artist doesn't want anyone else to erase it.

#4 "Trash Mirror" by Daniel Rozen

Where: In the old Federal Building now owned by Kendall College of Art and Design.

What: 500 pieces of trash attached to small motors move as people stand in front of the piece. The trash mirrors the object that it is in front of it, creating a sort of a shadow on the moving wall of trash. This is a very cool exhibit for all ages.

#5 "Natural Phenomena / Synthetic Wonder" by Jessica Joy London

Where: UICA

What: The installation is made up of 100,000 small translucent plastic circular shapes that stick together to form infinitely larger forms. Participants are asked to add to the window sculpture making it grow like a living thing. "With my art I want people to be creative themselves and become artists," explains London.

#6 "Moving Violation" by Robert Shangle

Where: The B.O.B. parking lot

What: Robert Shangle is back again as a living statue. The all bronze painted man talks to the audience and gets them to play long with his art piece. Fun for kids and adults.

If you have any more interactive pieces add them to the comments below. 

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