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4 of the ArtPrize top 10 at the Ford Museum

7:30 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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Video: ArtPrize Finalist - Dancing with Mother Nature

Video: ArtPrize Finalist - Polar Expressed

Video: ArtPrize Finalist - Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore

  • Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore by Ann Loveless
  • Polar Expressed by Anni Crouter
  • Polar Expressed by Anni Crouter
  • Dancing with Mother Nature by Paul Baliker
  • UPlifting by Andy Sackseder
  • Dancing with Mother Nature by Paul Baliker
  • Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore by Ann Loveless
  • UPlifting by Andy Sackseder

GRAND RAPIDS - (WZZM) The second round of voting is upon us and you have till Friday to cast your ballot in the top ten of artprize. To help you cast your ballot we look at each of the top ten pieces. We start by talking to the four artists at the Gerald R. Ford Museum.

UPlifting by Andy Sackseder is a bronze statue fountain depicting a Native American man lifting his wife out of the water. As he is picking her up she is falling backwards. The couple stands in a pond as water pours over them. "It depicts the purity we once had in our Great Lakes," says the artist Andy Sacksteder. "I combined my favorite things that I really love to do--staging of the landscaping, sculpting of the piece itself and adding the water to bring it to life."

He hopes that his Artprize exposure will open doors for him. "To be picked in the top ten means a lot," says Sacksteder. " I am a pretty isolated sculptor." He says the best compliment people give him is when they say they get goose bumps looking at it.

Dancing with Mother Nature by Paul Baliker is a 14 foot high sculpture made from cedar wood obtained from islands in the Gulf Of Mexico. "It is an environmental statement which is pretty much what I do," explains Baliker. "This is just how I would like to see us integrate ourselves back with nature." The piece contains animals, fish, birds, and a human form.

Paul has been in the art prize top ten before. "For me this is the top of my game," explains Baliker. " I couldn't do any better no matter how much time I put in it." He says you know you have touched somebody when they get tears in their eyes. "I seen that a couple of times that is heck of a compliment," says Baliker.

Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore by Ann Loveless is a large landscape art quilt depecting sleeping bear dunes. It is made out of fabric and thread and is all machines made. "Usually people walk by and think it is an oil painting or a photograph, but there is something about it," says Loveless, "the warmth of the fibers draws you into it." There are quilts that go on your bed and there are art quilts you hang on your wall. "The general public isn't aware of art quilts, but I am hoping to change that," says Loveless.

Loveless has been to ArtPrize before realized that if you want to find success you have to big. " So I imagined the biggest quilt I could make and get it out the door and that is what I did," says Loveless.

Polar Expressed by Anni Crouter are three large acrylic paintings of polar bears. "Most people think it is a photograph," explains Crouter. "It is not. It is a painting, and it took seven months to make. Crouter took reference photos of the polar bears at the Toledo Zoo. She sketched them then painted them. "I am a wildlife artist and that is what I like to do," explains Crouter. Crouter says that she has seen 15 people tear up looking at her painting. "That is the ultimate compliment," says Crouter.




























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