E-Block: 1 New Movie, Naughty Nicole Kidman & Our Netflix Revival List

10:39 AM, Aug 23, 2012   |    comments
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(WZZM) - Slim pickings if you're looking for something new in theaters, however JGL fans take heart and don't get us started on what's new on DVD. And can Megatron Calvin Johnson break the Madden curse?

In Movies: One (yes really) new movie in theaters this weekend. Joseph Gordon Levitt turns in his Gotham City badge in favor of a bicyle in 'Premium Rush.' New on DVD, well, 'The Dictator'... nothing really to say there.

First Look: What happens when you put Zac Effron, Matthew McConaughey and a very naughty Nicole Kidman together? Check out our first look at 'The Paperboy.'

A Little Randomness: So we're all excited about the return of 'Arrested Development' to Netflix. So we began to wonder, what other great shows would we want to see come back from the TV graveyard? While the choices made by Steph and Josh make perfect sense, we worry about Mandi's decision.

In Video Games: The NFL season is starting soon, but you can take your own team to the Super Bowl. 'Madden NFL 13' hits stores Tuesday, but this edition has Steph worried about her precious Detroit Lions.


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