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Greenthumb - What to expect this fall

12:55 PM, Oct 3, 2011   |    comments
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(WZZM) - Greenthumb Rick Vuyst loves Paper Bark Maples with their wafer-like winged structure, many of us called helicopters when we were kids.  We see them more in the Fall, along with the changing colors. 

Rick says we've had a nice amount of rain so the trees aren't under much drought stress.  Therefore, with some warm sunny days and dry cool nights, we should see some great colors this Fall. 

You might be noticing some yellow in your Pine Trees.  Not to worry says Rick.  Evergreen doesn't mean they're green always. The second and third year needles usually start to drop this time of the year. 

Fall is the right time to look into the health of your trees and make sure they have enough moisture heading into Fall. 

Watch the video for more details.

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