Chemical Kim: Ghost Eggs

9:40 AM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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You will need:
black light, laundry soap, dry ice (solid carbon dioxide, can be purchased at Meijer), warm water, bubble solution, plastic container with nozzle, hose, funnel, safety glasses, gloves, large glass bowl, glow sticks, medium sized thin towel.

Now try this:
Make ghost egg machine:
1. Attach one end of hose to the nozzle of plastic container.
2. Attach one end of hose to a funnel.
Make glowing ghost eggs:
1. Place warm water into ghost egg machine and drop a few pieces of dry ice. Be cautious with the dry ice, wear gloves and safety glasses and never seal the container.
2. Attach the hose making sure the ghost egg machine making sure it doesn't seal the container and gas can escape.
3. Dip the funnel into bubble solution and watch the ghost eggs form.
4. Setting up a barrier between the black light and clean dry surface, collect the eggs.

Make glowing crystal ball:
1. Place warm water into large glass bowl and drop a few pieces of dry ice. Be cautious with the dry ice, wear gloves and safety glasses.
2. Place glow sticks inside the bowl.
3. Dip medium sized towel in bubble solution and slowly move over the top of the bowl.
4. You should start to see a glowing crystal bowl forming!

What is happening?
Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide that is at a temperature of -78.5OC (-109.3OF). When the temperature increases, the solid carbon dioxide does a phase change to a gas. This is a unique substance that does a phase change from a solid to a gas without going through it's liquid phase. This process is called sublimation. When placed in water solid carbon dioxide takes water into the atmosphere as water vapor. The water vapor along with the carbon dioxide gas gets trapped inside the bubble. The carbon dioxide-water vapor mixture is also heavier than air so it falls to the ground when formed. Wearing clean gloves allows can prevent the bubble (ghost egg) from popping because soap in the bubble solution is attracted to dirt on your hands which causes popping when touched without gloves on. Very cool science!

The glowing in the ghost eggs comes from the fluorescent liquid (the laundry soap) absorbing the UV light given off by the black light and emits energy as visible light. The glowing in the crystal ball comes from the chemical reaction inside light sticks known as chemiluminescence in which energy is released in the form of light.

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