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Barnaby's Alternative 5

10:38 AM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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What:Lego Contest
Where: GRPL Branches
When: Saturday-October 27
Cost: Free 

What:Pinball Pyramid
Where: Pyramid Scheme
When: Saturday/Sunday 2p-2a (all ages 2-7p )
Cost: $10 all you can play


What:Rockford Harvest Festival
Where: Downtown Rockford
When: First 2 Weekends of October
Cost: depends what you do


What: Come Find The Barnaby's@ The Haunt
Where: 2070 Waldorf NW #2, GR
When: Saturday 6:30-9:30
Cost: $15 and up from there

What: Run Thru The Rapids
Where: David D Hunting YMCA
When: Saturday 9a 10/20
Cost: Depends on the race



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