Hot Gadgets with Christopher Knight

11:42 AM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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Christopher Knight knows about gadgets. After a very successful career as a child actor (Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch), he turned to the computer industry. Because of his love for technology, Knight became vice president of design system marketing and sales at New Image Industry, and helped develop the 3D rendering and imaging offerings that are so huge today. Now, he's a regular at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and is respected for his insight into the consumer trends.

Each year, the holiday shopping season seems to begin earlier. That's why Knight believes it's best to shop early, and shop smart to get the gadgets and gifts everyone will be talking about. 

High-tech gifts - Buying guide
To be able to choose the right high tech gifts, it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions. Here are the key points you'll need to check before making your purchase:

The "value" of an high-tech device is based on three fundamental points:
• The release date (since when the device is available on the market).
• Version (A device may have several version , such as the iPod).
• Options.

Before choosing your device:
• Do not hesitate to request additional information regarding the coveted product. This can be useful for comparison.

The technical specifications to be checked are:
• Power (the amount of memory or RAM, CPU speed)
• Storage capacity (number of GB for a tablet)
• Number of accessories (covers, cables, etc..)
• Sensitivity for cameras (lens).
• Image resolution for devices equiped with a screen (smartphone, tablet)

After buying your product:
• Check if all the component and accessories are present (cables, sd card, cover ... user manual)
• Keep the original packaging.This is important if you want to benefit from a guarantee or decide to return an item to the seller.

Returning a product:
• In the case you bought in the store, ask about the time delay given to exchange the item.
• For anInternet purchase, you have 7 days to request an exchange or refund. In most cases the return costs are at your expense, unless the websites proposes a solution for the retrieval of goods.
If you decide to exchange, verify that the terms of trade are equivalent. Redeeming a Blu-Ray player against an MFP can be a good deal. By cons, do not change and iPod against a digital photo frame, prices are far from equivalent.

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