Road Show Comes to Holland

12:12 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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The Road Show is a new documentary series for AMC due to debut in the spring of 2013.   The premise of show is to travel to a different small town across America every week and host a talent show competition.  The intention is to celebrate those with a passion for performing, who even if they don't do it on a full time professional basis, or intend to move to NYC or Hollywood and pursue a huge career - it is still a meaningful part of their lives.  Open calls on December 8th at Holland Park theatre. Everyone 18 and older is invited.  All talents welcome - nothing dangerous. Please go to the website for all necessary paperwork, and information.

4 finalists will be selected to move forward to the talent show 3 nights later.  A local audience is invited first come first serve. There are free tickets for the show Tuesday December 11th at the Holland Park theatre. Tickets are available at 6:00pm - the show starts at 7pm. 

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