Chemical Kim: The Burning of Metal

12:19 PM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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Most materials when they burn appear to lower in mass. The interesting behavior of metals is the gain in mass. This was an interesting observation and one that moved us into the modern chemistry that we study today involving atoms and molecules.

Metals I will burn:

Iron: Element 26 on the Periodic Table. It is a 6.3% abundant in the Earth's crust. A very common metal used in the production of steel.

Aluminium: Element 13 on the Periodic Table. It is 8.1% abundant in the Earth's crust. Though Aluminum is highly abundant it was once more expensive than gold.

Magnesium: Element 12 on the Periodic Table. This is the brightest and highest energy burn out of the three metals. It's 2.9% abundant in the Earth's crust. A common metal used in car parts.

All of these metals must react with oxygen in order to burn. I will be demonstrating the unique behavior of burning with a condition of low oxygen compared to a condition of high oxygen.



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