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Artist Uses Technology to Unite People for Family Portraits

1:07 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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Separating from loved ones is never easy, and the emotional toll it can take on an individual and the family they leave behind can be overwhelming. But now, seeing those longed for smiles, getting the advice from a cherished family member or friend and swapping a funny story that you can't wait to share is easy, despite being thousands of miles away.

Even though families are turning to technology to stay connected, but don't often get to enjoy simple family moments like taking a family portrait. Now, using Skype video calling, photographer John Clang is uniting families and giving them the opportunity to take that special portrait even if they are continents apart. 

Celebrated portrait artist, John Clang, discusses how he uses technology to help people 'Stay Together.' John has devised an innovative way of enabling families to take family portraits together - projecting the computer screen on a wall to create a life-size image - that is featured in a new video campaign called "Stay Together." The families John has worked with and who are highlighted in the series, include a zookeeper who had to leave her beloved Wallabies behind in Australia, a father who is unable to return to Uganda and be with his family and two young cousins who remain best friends despite living on two different continents.

Courtesy: Skype

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