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12:01 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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Mosh Pit Nation is a grass roots organization in Michigan that promotes heavy metal and heavy rock music in West and East Michigan. Our website and Facebook page lists all the national touring concerts and local band shows in all types of genres of heavy music that you don't hear on the radio.

This helps people who like heavy music know what's going in the music scene. With very little media coverage for heavy music, it's hard to find out what shows are going on. So we have to do it ourselves. After 2 years of working our metal-heads off, it is helping to get more people out to shows. There have been some very well-attended metal shows lately, with only small amounts of radio promotion.

The support we've received from the local music community has been amazing. It's helping us do bigger and better things for local music. We just put on our first outdoor music festival, and have a 2nd one in the works for September in Stanton Michigan. We're also booking local shows, helping local bands sell CDs and sponsoring shows. We also do the Ultimate GuitarShredder contest at the Heavyweight Battle of the Bands, giving away concert tickets and sell cool tshirts.

There are about 4000 people in Michigan that follow what we do on social media, and 25 people across the state that make it all happen, from putting concerts on the calendar to organizing shows, managing social media and going to shows to promote Mosh Pit Nation. We have an incredible crew!!

Just because metal doesn't get radio play doesn't mean thatpeople don't listen to it. It just means that we're flying under the radar. Good thing we're an industrious bunch and like to do things ourselves. Mosh Pit Nation is about creating that community underground, to connect people that don't want to listen to generic radio rock music.

Upcoming events:

Local metal night at Rocky's Bar in Grand Rapids August 29
Mosh Pit Boot Camp Metal Fest in Stanton MI Friday the 13th-14th of September

For more information:

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