Take Five Bucatini Pasta with Garden Fennel and Smoked Sockeye Salmon - 7/16/2013

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Bucatini Pasta 1 pkg.
Fresh Fennel 1 bulb + stalks - thinly sliced
Rendered Bacon Fat 2 TBSP
Grilled Lemon 1 ea. Sliced and grilled or seared
spring onion 1 ea. Thinly sliced
Extra Virgin Olive Oil as needed
Sea salt as needed

1) Place a 5 qt. pot full of heavily salted water on high burner and bring to a roaring boil. Add the pasta all at once. Move pasta around until fully submerged. Fluff pasta throughout first minute of cooking.
2) Place a heavy bottomed saute pan on medium heat and allow to heat through. Add a TBSP of bacon fat (or olive oil) to the pan, and introduce the thinly sliced onion. Move the onion in the pan quickly and allow it to caramelize slightly. Once the onion begins to color, introduce the sliced fennel.
3) Cook the onion and fennel mixture until the fennel is soft and tender. Add the grilled lemons and a bit of sea salt. Cook for 1 additional minute to reduce sauce.
4) When pasta is cooked al dente, drain pasta into sauce pan, reserving pasta water for later use if necessary. Add flaked smoked salmon, toss pasta.
5) Add minced fennel frawn and finish with sea salt. Enjoy!


Matthew Pietsch
Executive Chef
Salt of the Earth


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