Super Saver: Top myths on store savings

8:30 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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Super Saver

(WZZM) -- The popular website savingsangel has released its top money saving myths.  There are six that the website says just don't hold up. 

Myth number one: "End caps" are a great place to find the best deals. 

"Manufacturers pay top dollar to get their items here on the end cap because they know that these items are going to skyrocket in sales," said Sarah Ferguson from Savingsangel. 

Sarah adds, "You're not going to be able to look at the other items (to compare) because they're not here.  So it's not a great deal unless you have a great coupon also." 

Myth number two: Buying generic or strore brand is the cheapest way to shop. 

Ferguson said name brand items often go on sale at or below the generic item price and the name brands also often put out coupons making them much better than the everyday generic item's price.

Myth number three: Buying in the largest quantity is always the cheapest way to go. 

"We always bought the big box (of cereal) because that was the best deal, but it actually is a myth because you can get great sales on the smaller boxes and you combine them with a high value coupon and you're going to get a better deal," said Ferguson. 

She adds, "Yes you could use this coupon on that big box but why would you?  You're just throwing money away.  Buy a couple of the smaller boxes and you're going to save a lot of money."

Myth number four: Buying groceries at big warehouse stores is a better deal. 

No doubt, somethings are cheapest in big warehouse stores but not all things, says Ferguson.  "They purposefully have those huge quantities because it makes it difficult to compare."

Myth number five: If you buy something for 50% off you're saving money. 

Not so says Ferguson, you're only saving money if it's an item that you would normally buy anyway.  "I know a lot of people that do this, it's such a good deal I have to buy it.  If you aren't going to use it or donate it within the next two months, please don't buy it."

Myth number six: "Always low prices" stores are always the most economical. 

Ferguson says usually again with a coupon and a sale you can do much better at a bigger chain grocery store and you're also getting a brand you're familiar with "Rather than some knock-off brand at a discount store."

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