Try It Before You Buy It: Fortune Cookie Maker

4:32 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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The Fortune Cookie Maker by Moose Toys

SAUGATUCK, Mich. (WZZM)--  If you were a fan of the Easy Bake Oven or the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, you know mixing toys and food can be fun. 

That's exactly what we thought when we saw the Fortune Cookie Maker by Moose Toys.

The commercial shows kids frosting and decorating the fortune cookies and hiding your own messages inside. 

The directions say adult supervision is required, to this reporter, it shouldn't mean the adult has to do most of the work. 

It comes with three packets for the cookie dough.  The dough is very, very dry and crumbly.  You can't add water though or the dough won't roll.  You have to put the mixed dough in the microwave for ten seconds, and then roll it out.  We were able to cut about two cookies from each packet.  It's supposed to make 12 cookies, but you could probably get six if you don't screw up.  Again, the adult has to do much of this because the dough doesn't mix or roll very easily.

Once you've rolled and cut the dough, it goes into the Fortune Cookie Maker, where it forms the shape of the cookie with your paper fortune inside.  Except, it didn't form very well and it crumbled.

It comes with icing, but there's not much and the kids said it tasted funny.

We were wondering how you bake the cookies, but apparently you don't.  The directions say after you form the cookies, let the dough dry for 15 minutes.  Guess what?  The cookies tasted like raw, dried out dough. 

The kids were not fans of the Fortune Cookie Maker.  It requires too much help from an adult, the dough is not easy to work with, and the cookies are not good. 

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