WZZM13.com Top Clicks of the Year - Part II

8:36 AM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
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Clearview Apartments in Holland

(WZZM) - Here's Part 2 of the Top 15 Clicks on WZZM13.com in 2012.  To see clicks 11-15, click here.  Friday, I'll have the top 5.

Remember, this goes by clicks on WZZM13.com, so stories are local.  Any thoughts on what 1-5 will be?

10. 65 students suspended for riding bikes to school - In May, things got crazy at Kenowa Hills as dozens of students rode their bikes to school on their last day and were promptly suspended. Outrage ensued and the move was reversed thus restoring order to the universe. Someone posted the story to Reddit.com and the story went viral.

9. Students hurt in crash on way to Lansing - In March, a carload of five girls from Grand Haven High School were heading to the Girls State Championship Basketball game when their car left the road and flipped in the median. Fortunately, everyone survived, but a few suffered serious injuries. It was a foggy morning, but the driver did have her license suspended and is now serving probation.

8. Group escapes jail, starts multi-state run - Two men escaped from a Lake County Correctional Facility in late September and headed to Allegan County to pick up their girlfriends. They then headed to Kokomo, Indiana and then fled to Colorado, where they were finally caught with a meth lab on October 8. The multi-state search led to several false sightings and chases around the area.

7. Man cooking squirrel causes apartment fire - This had to be the best headline of the year. The fire itself was a big deal with several families being displaced. The apartment complex was also the home of our lakeshore reporter Alex Shabad. But when the cause of the fire was determined - a resident was blow-torching the fur off a squirrel that he was planning to cook and eat, the interwebs took over and the story went viral. Alex went on the radio in Chicago, the Drudge Report picked it up and linked back to us, and Free Beer and Hot Wings offered their thoughts on their syndicated show as well.

The man responsible was ultimately fined, but no criminal charges were filed.

6. Muskegon motorcyclists killed in Wisconsin crash - Several members of the Muskegon Motorcycle Gang were on a ride in Wisconsin on May 31st when a driver on a suspended license and who claims to be suffering from amnesia plowed into the group near Fond du Lac, killing two and sending several others to the hospital with serious injuries. Motorcyclists and the community came together both here and in Wisconsin to help the injured return home and try and get through their losses.













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