WZZM13.com Top Clicks of the Year - Part III

12:38 PM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
Downtown Grand Rapids - Friday 9/28
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(WZZM) - Well, here you go - the top 5 clicks on WZZM13.com in 2012...barring of course any drunk teletubbies or squirrel-cooking mishaps that may happen this weekend. 

For the record, there are some pages that get a lot more clicks during the year than any individual stories.  The weather page, the school closings page, and the live video stream are top clicks all the time, especially during bad weather.  The lottery page and the Take Five home page throughout the year do very well as well.  Two stand-alone Photo Galleries that were just really up for fun did really well too - West Michigan's Ridiculously Photogenic and West Michigan's Elves on the Shelves - sometimes it is good just to have fun on the internet.

If you missed 11-15, click here and 6-10 click here.  The click counting for 2013 starts on Tuesday.

5. Can a normal woman lose the baby weight? - What? What is this doing on here?

But yes, this story took on a life of its own after Jessica Simpson was the first guest on Katie Couric's new show and local women were quick to jump on social media to give their opinions. We talked to some local experts and in a day our story had been linked to some very popular pregnancy and parenting blogs and chat boards.

4. Lantern Launched at ArtPrize - Easily the prettiest event of the year - the photos that you all sent in helped those of us stuck inside working on HS football experience the event. Supposedly 2,500 lanterns were to be launched, but we know from the pictures that the total number may have been about 10 times that. Way to go Grand Rapids and ArtPrize. It is definitely worth clicking this and looking through these again. 

3. Hockey player gets DUI, dressed as Teletubby. I'll start with it is NEVER a good idea to drive drunk. It really not a good idea to drive drunk if you are a public figure, hoping to become a star. It gets even worse when you are a public figure, and you drive drunk, and you are wearing a Teletubby costume.

We are so grateful for police dashcams when events like this occur.  This, of course, went viral, and will probably (hopefully) haunt Riley Sheahan in his NHL career.

The video was embedded in several sports blogs including BarStoolSports.com and Deadspin.com. 

2. Allegan Dog Rescue/Dog Fighting Rescues - It was a big year in West Michigan for dogs - especially those being rescued from puppy mills and dog fighting operations. In April, 350 shih tzus were taken from a couple in Allegan County. Many were adopted out in following weeks through the Humane Society and thousands of people went through the photo gallery to see the cute pups and inquire about their well-being. The couple pleaded guilty to animal abuse.

In August, a dog fighting ring was broken up in Kalamazoo Township, again proving stories about animals are of great interest to the public. 

1. Best of West Michigan Bracket Challenge - OK, maybe this is a little self-serving, but our take on the March Madness Brackets this year went crazy and got the fans of several West Michigan organizations and events clicking like crazy. Who knew that the Battle Creek Balloon Festival would have so many passionate fans that they would outclick ArtPrize, LaughFest, and Meijer Gardens?

I hope to do this again in 2013, but there may be changes coming to the site that I'm not sure how things will work. Here's the bracket from 2012 - if there are any other groups that need to be added (and some deleted), send me a note at webmasters@wzzm13.com.


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