Mona Shores Schools Operating Millage
Precincts Reporting: 10/12 (83%)
Last Updated: 2014-11-04 23:57:13

All Races

Governor Michigan 
U.S. Senate Michigan 
Attorney General Michigan 
Secretary of State Michigan 
Wolf Hunting Proposal 14-1 
Designate Game Proposal 14-2 
State Supreme Court Michigan 
Supreme Court Partial 2017 
State House District 60 
State House District 61 
State House District 62 
State House District 63 
State House District 66 
State House District 70 
State House District 71 
State House District 72 
State House District 73 
State House District 74 
State House District 75 
State House District 76 
State House District 77 
State House District 80 
State House District 86 
State House District 87 
State House District 88 
State House District 89 
State House District 90 
State House District 91 
State House District 92 
State Senate District 19 
State Senate District 20 
State Senate District 24 
State Senate District 30 
State Senate District 33 
State Senate District 34 
State Senate District 35 
State Senate District 28 
State Senate District 29 
U.S. House District 2 
U.S. House District 3 
U.S. House District 6 
Kent County Commission 1st District 
Kent County Commission 5th District 
Kent County Commission 8th District 
Kent County Commission 9th District 
Kent County Commission 10th District 
Kent County Commission 11th District 
Kent County Commission 12th District 
Kent County Commission 13th District 
Kent County Commission 14th District 
Kent County Commission 15th District 
Kent County Commission 16th District 
Kent County Commission 17th District 
Kent County Commission 18th District 
Kent County Commission 19th District 
Kent County 63rd District - North 
GRCC Trustee Kent County 
Cedar Springs City Council 
Cedar Springs City Council Recall 
Cedar Springs City Council Recall 
Rockford City Council 
Kent City Village President 
Byron Center School Board 
Caledonia School Board 
Godfrey-Lee School Board 
Grand Rapids School Board 
Kelloggsville School Board 
Northview  School Board 
Sparta School Board 
Kent County Veterans Millage 
Grand Rapids Charter Amendment Term Limits 
Nelson Township Library Millage 
Cedar Springs Schools Operating Millage 
Godfrey -Lee Schools Operating Millage 
Rockford Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Northview Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Grandville School Board Trustee 
Ottawa Co. Commissioner 3rd District 
Grand Haven School Board 
Hudsonville Schools School Board 
Spring Lake  School Board 
West Ottawa School Board 
Ottawa County Road Improvement Millage 
Blendon Twp. Construction and Paving Millage 
Crockery Twp. Library Millage 
Holland Historical Trust Millage 
Holland Township Historical Trust Millage 
Park Twp.  Street Repair Millage 
Park Twp. Electric Proposition 
Spring Lake Twp. Harbor Transit Millage 
Allendale Schools Operating Millage 
Allendale Schools Operating Millage 
Spring Lake Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Zeeland Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Muskegon County Drain Commissioner 
Muskegon Co. Commissioner 5th District 
Muskegon Co. Commissioner 7th District 
Muskegon Co. Commissioner 8th District 
Muskegon Co. Commissioner 9th District 
Egelston Twp.  Trustee 
3rd District Judge of COA Muskegon County 
Circuit Court Judge 14th Circuit 
Judge 60th District 
MCC Board of Trustees Muskegon County 
Casnovia Treasurer 
Fruitport Village President 
Lakewood Club Trustee 
Fruitport Schools Board Member 
Grant Public School  
Holton Schools Board Member 
Mona Shores Schools Board Member 
Oakridge Public Schools Board Member 
Muskegon Public Schools Board Member 
Orchard View Public Schools Board Member 
Ravenna Schools Board Member 
Reeths-Puffer Schools Board Member 
Whitehall Schools Board Member 
Muskegon Charter Amendment 
Moorland Twp. Prop 1 - Millage Renewal 
Moorland Twp. Prop. 2 - Training Millage 
Mona Shores Schools Operating Millage 
Mona Shores Schools Millage Renewal 
Ravenna Public Schools Operating Millage 
Reeths-Puffer Schools Operating Millage 
Hackley Library Bond Proposal 
Allegan Co. Commission District 3 
Allegan County Special Ed Millage Proposal 
Allegan Co. Prop 2 Tech. Education Millage 
Hamilton Community Schools Millage Renewal 
Casco Twp. Senior millage renewal 
Laketown Twp. Electric Franchise Prop. 
Fennville Headlee Amendment Overide 
Otsego Charter Amendment 1 
Otsego Charter Amendment 2 
Otsego Charter Amendment 3 
Otsego Charter Amendment 4 
Otsego Charter Amendment 4 
Hesperia Trustee 
Grant Fire Protection Millage 
Grant Public Safety Millage 
Troy Township Operating Millage 
White Cloud Schools Bonding Proposal #1 
White Cloud Schools Bonding Proposal #2 
Road Commissioner Oceana County 
Oceana County Commissioner 4th District 
Shelby Trustee 
Hart Public Schools Board Member 
Pentwater Public Schools Board Member 
Shelby Public Schools Board Member 
Hart Repair and Improvment Millage 
Ionia Schools 3-6 year terms 
Lakewood Schools School Board - 3 - 6 year terms 
Saranac Schools School Board - 3 - 6-year terms 
Lake Odessa Trustee 3-4 Year Terms 
Clarksville Trustee 
Ionia County Commissioner District 2 
Ionia County Commissioner District 4 
Belding City Council Recall Election 
Saranac Schools Operating Millage Proposal 
Ionia County 911 Surcharge 
Haynor School Millage Renewal 
Bloomer Township Meeting Proposal 
Greenville Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Lakeview Community Schools Millage Renewal 
Tri County Area Schools Millage Renewal 
Montcalm County Road Commissioner 
Montcalm Co. Commissioner 3rd District 
Eureka Township Supervisor 
Pierson Township Clerk 
Montcalm Comm. College  Trustee 6 yr. Term 
Montcalm Community College Board of Trustee Member, 2 yr. Term 
Stanton City Commissioner 
Edmore President 
Edmore Trustee 
Edmore Trustee, partial 2 yr. term 
Howard City Village President 
Howard City Village Trustee 
Lakeview Village Trustee 
Sheridan Village Trustee 
McBride Village Trustee 
Carson City,Crystal Area Schools Board Member, 6 yr. term 
Carson City-Crystal Area Schools Board Member, 4 yr. term 
Central Montcalm Public School Board Member 
Greenville Public School Board Member 
Lakeview Community School Board Memeber, 6 yr. Term 
Montabella Community Schools Board Member 
Tri County Area Schools Board Member, 6 yr. Term 
Vestburg Community School Board Member, 6 yr. Term