Grant Twp. Fire Millage Renewal
Precincts Reporting: 1/1 (100%)
Last Updated: 2014-08-05 22:43:59
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MI GOP StHou Contested District 86 
MI Props Glance Sum Proposal 14-1 State Use Tax Replace with local share 
MI GOP House Contested District 3 WCentral Lower Michigan 
MI GOP StSen Contested District 28 
MI Dem StSen Contested District 29 
MI GOP StHou Contested District 72 
MI GOP StHou Contested District 73 
MI GOP StHou Contested District 76 
MI GOP House Contested District 6 Southwestern Michigan 
MI GOP StHou Contested District 80 
MI GOP StSen Contested District 34 
MI GOP StHou Contested District 91 
MI GOP StHou Contested District 89 
MI GOP StHou Contested District 90 
Kent County Commissioner 4th District 
Kent County Commission 6th District 
Kent County Commission 9th District 
Kent County Commission 10th District 
Kent County Commission 17th District 
Cascade Twp. Trustee  
Vergennes Twp. Trustee  
63rd District Judge Kent County 
Senior Millage Kent County 
Library Millage Kent County 
Algoma Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Cannon Twp. Recreation Millage Renewal 
Solon Twp. .50 Fire Protection Millage 
Sparta Twp. Prop. 1 - Fire Equipment Millage 
Sparta Twp. Prop. 2 - Fire Improvement Millage 
Tyrone Twp. Prop. 1 - Fire Millage renewal 
City of Wyoming Public Safety Millage renewal 
Sparta Area Schools Millage Renewal 
Ottawa County Commission 5th District 
Ottawa County Commission 8th District 
Coopersville Proposal Council on Aging 
Ferrysburg Council on Aging Millage Renewal 
Grand Haven City Senior Millage 
Blendon Twp. Proposal 1 Fire Protection 
Blendon Twp. Proposal 2 Library Millage 
Chester Twp. Fire Protection Millage 
Georgetown Twp. Capital Improvement Bond Proposal 
Crockery Twp. Proposal 1 Fire Millage Renewal 
Grand Haven Twp. Fire and Rescue Millage 
Holland Twp. Police Millage Renewal 
Jamestown Twp. Road Millage Renewal 
Jamestown Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Olive Twp. Library Millage Renewal 
Olive Twp. Road Millage Renewal 
Olive Twp. Fire Rescue Millage Renewal 
Park Twp. Police Millage Proposal 
Robinson Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Spring Lake Twp. Museum Millage Renewal 
Spring Lake Twp. Bike Path Millage Renewal 
Tallmadge Twp. Police and Fire Millage Renewal 
Wright Twp. Fire Protection Millage Proposal 
Muskegon County Drain Commissioner 
Muskegon County Commissioner District 7 
Muskegon County Commission District 9 
Ravenna Twp. Trustee 
Montague Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Montague Area Schools Operating Millage Proposal 
Allegan County Commission District 6 
Dorr Twp. Supervisor 
Dorr Twp. Parks Commissioner 
Allegan Co. 911 Operating Surcharge 
Allegan County Senior Services Millage Proposal 
Allegan Township Roads Millage 
Allegan Township Roads Millage Renewal 
Allegan Township Road Resurfacing Millage 
Allegan Township Fire Equipment Millage 
Casco Township Police Protection Millage 
Cheshire Township Fire Protection Millage 
Cheshire Township Fire Protection-Ambulance Services 
Dorr Township Road Millage 
Fillmore Township Headlee Rollback 
Gunplain Township Road Improvement Millage 
Heath Township Road Improvement Millage 
Heath Township Fire Protection Renewal 
Hopkins Township Fire and Equipment Millage Renewal 
Laketown Township Millage Renewal 
Martin Township Millage Proposal 
Otsego Township Road Millage 
Overisel Township Road Reconstruction Millage 
Trowbridge Township Emergency Fire and Ambulance 
Valley Township Road Millage Proposal 
Allegan Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Bloomingdale Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Wayland Union Schools Operating Millage Renewal 
Charles Ransom Library Millage 
Saugatuck-Douglas Library Millage 
Saugatuck-Douglas Library Bonding Proposal 
Ionia County Commission 1st District 
Ionia County Commission 5th District 
Ionia County Road Millage 
Campbell Township Millage Renewal 
Montcalm Co. Commissioner District 1 
District Court Judge 64b District 
Winfield Twp. Trustee 
Crystal Twp. Police Millage 
Crystal Twp. Road Improvement Millage 
Day Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Day Twp. Road Millage Renewal 
Douglass Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Eureka Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Eureka Twp. Police Millage Renewal 
Ferris Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Maple Valley Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Mason Co. Commission District 1 
Mason County Commission District 5 
Pere Marquette Twp. Supervisor 
Mason County 911 Proposal 
Ludington and Scottville Public Transportation Millage 
Pere Marquette Twp. Park Dissolution Proposal 
Meade Twp. Millage Renewal 
MI Dem StHou Contested District 100 
Oceana Co. Road Commissioner 
Oceana Co. Commission 4th District 
Oceana Co. Commission 7th District 
Mason and Oceana County 911 Services 
Benona Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Golden Twp. Road Millage Renewal 
Grant Twp. Road Millage 
Greenwood Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Pentwater Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Newfield Twp. Fire millage renewal 
Shelby Twp. Fire Millage 
Greenwood Twp. Library Millage 
Newfield Twp. Library Millage 
Newaygo Co. Commission 2nd District 
Brooks Twp. Supervisor 
Sherman Twp. Republican Delegates 
Ashland Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Ashland Twp. Fire Equipment Millage 
Beaver Twp. Fire and Medical Millage 
Big Prairie Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Denver Twp. Fire Millage 
Grant Twp. Road Millage Renewal 
Grant Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Grant Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Lilley Twp. General Fund Millage Renewal 
Liley Twp. Fire Millage Renewal 
Lilley Twp. First Responders Millage 
Lilley Twp. Cemetery Millage Renewal 
Lincoln Twp. Road Millage 
Merrill Twp. Operating Millage Renewal 
Wilcox Twp. Fire Station Millage 
Grant Public Schools Millage Renewal