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Pink lights in Portage signal support for breast cancer patient

12:55 AM, Dec 23, 2010   |    comments
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PORTAGE, Mich (WZZM)-- Throughout the Alten Street neighborhood in Portage, pink displays of lights adorn yards, in support of Keri Conant.

"My friends and family have been a wonderful support, they've been there for me physically, mentally, by providing meals, they've watched my kids through all the doctors appointments, surgeries," says Conant.

In August, she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. It was a major setback following a two year battle with the disease.

"It's never easy when you have to consider a eulogy for your wife, but then you rally, and get support from your friends and neighbors that we have here, and get some motivation to beat it again," explains Scot Conant.

Neighbor Tiffany Costonde decided to assemble a glimmering display of support to remind the Conant family they are behind her 100 percent.

"It's hard, when someone has a serious illness, to figure out how you can support them. So I just wanted to do something that made Keri know we were thinking of her. So maybe when she was driving home, or looking out her window, she would know that we're always there, thinking of her," said Costonde.

About a dozen homes now display the pink lights and glowing bows throughout the close knit community, and more families are adding pink to their displays as word spreads. For Keri, the love her neighbors continue to show for her is keeping her strong.

"Oh my goodness, it makes me feel so loved and just cared for, and the moral support behind me... fighting breast cancer in of itself is so hard and knowing that everyone in this neighborhood is just thinking about me, is there for me, really helps me through this process," said Keri Conant.

With three additional treatments to go, the bond between the Conant family and their neighbors truly brings out the holiday spirit.

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