Whooping cough shot advised for pregnant women

2:47 PM, Oct 31, 2012   |    comments
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(WZZM) - There are a lot more cases of whooping cough this year, most in infants.

Now doctors say to protect your baby, a mother should get the vaccine while she's still pregnant and here in Michigan, the state's health department is urging everyone to get vaccinated.

More than 32,000 cases of whooping cough have been reported this year in the United States along with 16 deaths.  Here in Michigan, there are nearly 600 cases.

An advisory committee for the CDC recommended doctors give pregnant women the shot that protects against tetanus, diptheria and whooping cough.

Doctors say that will allow antibodies to transfer to the  newborn, protecting them from the condition until they can be vaccinated themselves.

The shot should be given in the late second or third trimester regardless of whether the woman has had the vaccine before.

Doctors say the vaccine is safe in all trimesters for both the mother and the unborn child.

In Michigan, the Department of Community Health wants everyone to get the pertussis vaccine and a flu shot.

Immunity to whooping cough drops off after the childhood shots, so doctors say its critical to vaccinate adolescents and adults.

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