Forget the pie, use the pumpkin on your face

2:23 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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(WZZM) - They are staples of the Thanksgiving meal, pumpkin, cranberries and sweet potatoes.

This holiday season though, they're not just for your table, they're also for your face.

Elina with Elina Organics in Kalamazoo and Chicago explains it all.  Click on the video link to watch the segment. The recipes for the facials are below.

Holiday Food for Your Face

Organic Pumpkin Peel

- 1 part organic pumpkin puree - (You can used canned puree or you can make your own: Just blend fresh cubed pumpkin without the seeds, and add a little bit of carrot juice, or a few drops of lemon juice.)

- 1 part honey

Pumpkin is known for its ability to exfoliate and brighten; the honey as a moisturizer. 

Cranberry Lip Treatment

Simply slice one cranberry in half and rub each half on your lips.
The cranberry will exfoliate the skin of the lips, prevent cracking and help fend off cold sores.

Sweet Potato Mask

- 2 parts peeled sweet potato boiled or baked
- 1 part yogurt or sour cream

Sweet potatoes are a skin "super food" rich in folic acid and copper. Folic acid helps fade discolorations, while the copper works to stimulate collagen production.

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